Dear Customers,

in 2014, we have changed from the "label collection" to the "bag collection". Labels are no longer for sale; instead, you can buy our yellow and clear bag - you don't need any other black rubbish bags. Here are answers for the most common questions of this transition:

Q: Do we need labels to put on the abbey waste bags?
A: No the name of our company is on each bag, so no labels are needed.

Q: I still have some labels can I still use them?
A: Yes, evethough the labels have been phased out, they will still be collected.

Q: I have already registered for collection. Do I have to register again?
A: No. If you have registered for the label collection already, you do not have to register again for the bag collection.

Q: Where do we buy the new yellow refuse bags and clear recycling bags?
A: You can buy the new bags online at on in your local shop, as before.

Q: Did the day of collection change for bags?
A: No, the collection day stays the same for your area; you can check online for your collection day.

Q: Are the new yellow refuse and the clear recycling bag collected on different days?
A: No, both yellow refuse bags and clear recycling bags are collected together on the same day.

Q: Is the collection weekly or fortnightly?
A: Abbey Waste collects every week.

Q: Does Abbey Waste collect on bank holidays?
A: Yes, Abbey Waste collects on bank holidays.

Any more questions? Don't hesistate to ask!

Your Abbey Waste team


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